• Referrals should be presented by the parent/guardian, but may have originated by a teacher, pediatrician, or other caregiver.

  • A free consultation is available to discuss the concerns presented in the referral and to develop a plan for evaluation or therapy.


  • A complete, in-home speech and language evaluation is performed in order to determine the presence of a speech and/or language impairment.

    • All speech and language areas will be addressed during the evaluation, including articulation, voice, fluency, and language.

  • If a complete evaluation has been performed within the last year by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, it will be reviewed before determining if more assessment is needed before determining therapeutic needs.

    • A partial evaluation may be warranted if specific areas of concern were not addressed in the submitted evaluation.


  • Based on the findings of the evaluation (received or administered), a report is written outlining the results and recommendations.

    • This report will include goals for therapy and/or suggestions for in-home support, as well as a timeline for a follow-up meeting.


  • Based on the evaluation and report, a treatment plan is developed and proposed, including duration and frequency of recommended in-home services.

  • Mutually agreed upon goals will be developed with the caregiver and addressed during therapy.

  • Intermittent reports indicating progress made towards goals will be offered on an ongoing basis. Goals are fluid and adaptable.

  • Once goals are met, new goals may be developed based on the needs of the client.


  • Consult services are available and advisable if the student has shown mastery in the clinical setting, but is having difficulty generalizing the skill(s).

    • Consult allows the SLP to monitor the application of skills (i.e., review/analyze school work, daily functioning, etc.) and provide feedback to the family on how to help generalize the skills.