Advisory Services: Public School

Advisory Services: Public School Support

Collaboration & Support

Consultations and trainings are provided for parents to help better understand their child's strengths and weaknesses in order to best support them. The following areas can be supported:

Evaluation Process

  • Support provided in understanding the referral, initial evaluation, and re-evaluation process proviced by the public school system, including:

    • Guidance in filling out background information, parent feedback forms, and evaluation questionnaires.

    • Conferences to prepare for parent interviews and preliminary evaluation meetings, including guidance on requesting tests and/or areas in which to request testing.

Review of Existing Formal Evaluation

  • Individual analysis of a formal evaluation submitted by the client, with a summary of the findings and key data points that are most impactful to a child's communication..

  • Consultation with client to review all aspects of the formal evaluation with specific attention given to the speech and language/communication section.

  • Recommendations and advisement on development of goals based on weaknesses found within the evaluation.

  • Recommendations and advisement on what services to request, including duration and frequency.

Review of Proposed ARD/Special Education services

  • Careful review and analysis of ARD paperwork, including: Eligibility, Placement, Schedule of Services, Accommodations, and Goals.

  • Advisement of suggestions and feedback to offer the ARD committee in the above mentioned areas.

Review of Goal Data

  • Consultation on apparent progress reported by the public school SLP.

  • Analysis of reported data in relation to observed abilities at home and in the clinical setting.

  • Support in discussing issues with the public school SLP.